Firefox Quantum, Its Downside for Developers & Quick Solutions

Thomas Kaisuka
  Nov. 15, 2017

Excitement filled the air yesterday with the launch of Firefox Quantum. Like the tech enthusiasts most of us are me inclusive fingers were itching to click on that update button.

Firefox Quantum is a perfect redesign to compensate for all the previous architectural flaws from Mozilla with 2 times the speed of its predecessor and 30% less memory usage compared to your average Google Chrome.

But well, with every update lately there's always a catch with a negative impact to "legacy" users. I guess the killing of the headphone jack last year by Apple just jinxed every damn new release there is.
For web designers & developers it just keeps getting annoying update after update. Mozilla has been pushing for use of purely WebExtensions other than our ordinary legacy plugins.
Firefox Quantum just forcefully made these legacy plugins that have failed transitioning to WebExtensions to commit suicide.
My bad but that's the best word i can find to fit the context.

Legacy Plugins Not Supported By Firefox Quantum
Legacy Plugins Not Supported By Firefox Quantum


The total solution to this is Waterfox, a Firefox code-based browser that supports all the the current legacy based plugins.

Waterfox, a Firefox based plugin
Its Interface can be likened to that of Mozilla Firefox, but oops with the close, minimize buttons for MAC are missing

The comparison is simple Firefox Quantum = New iPhone (notched) without headphone jack Vs Waterfox = Latest Samsung Galaxy with headphone Jack + Open source Android