Hail #DarkMode!! The Upcoming New Innovation For MacOS Dubbed"Mojave"

Thomas Kaisuka
  Jun. 10, 2018

MacOS Mojave pronounced "mo-HAH-vee" is what the upcoming OS for Apple's Mac Line coming this Fall.
Its mainly focused on METAL GPU cable macs as can be seen from the very restrictive compatibility list;
< 2012 for MacBook Pros,

<2015 for MacBooks,

<2012 for MacBook Airs,

<2012 Mac Minis,

 <2012 iMacs and Mid 2010  Mac Pros with GPU enabled capabilities. 

The main highlight here is new Dark Mode a fancy feature for developers. This makes those geeky nights a fancy dream come true and adds more fun to it too.

Terminal Dark Mode We Are Accustomed To
Terminal Dark Mode We Are Accustomed To


How about a Dark Mode on every native app
How about a Dark Mode on every native app

Brace yourselves for a more fun Developer Life 

Apple normally ditches some old MacBooks through a restrictive compatible list to maintain sales margins for the newer high end models. 
Given the OS upgrade is free, this actually makes sense.

Other features to look out for:

  • Dynamic Desktop
  • New apps and iOS app support
  • Desktop and Finder: Stacks for the desktop organize cluttered desktops by automatically stacking files into groups based on file type.
  • A new security focused Safari version

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