Why Mac OS is better than Windows PC (My Opinion)

Thomas Kaisuka
  Nov. 30, 2020

So many people have always asked me why I prefer using Mac OS / IOS to Windows.

This is my tear down;

  • I don't need to worry about viruses on my Mac. For the 8 years I have used MAC Os since my switch from windows &, I have never lost a single file due to a virus. I used Windows for just two years and lost a whole hard drive to a fake raid issue.
  • A mac is out of the box for a developer, it comes with all the core shell programs installed to get going in just minutes. On Windows you have to install many third parties before you get going which comes with a memory throttle
  • On mac I can easily run windows if need arises without over straining my system using Parallel tools while on PC, a lot of configurations have to be done and most probably need a big hardware upgrade before running mac VM Ware
  • With mac you can seamlessly handle IOS issues and android issues. While on a PC IOS is always going to be a black box.
  • Mac gives you a feel of linux too which is essential, so you don't have to install linux as a standalone, perfect for system admins
  • Apple invests in high density displays even for their low spec macs, so when dealing with color, you will always get it right where as on PC, so many manufacturers are still struggling to get with par with Apple's true tone display
  • Apple has a longer support for hardware compared to windows
  • Productivity is key for apple. Have you every imagined parallax scrolling a window below the one you are on without even clicking on it, thank me later…
  • An IOS device rarely freezes even when its memory is almost full unlike an android device.
  • Security of course windows will never beat this one.
  • Mac OS is the only OS you will ever use without having to ever stare at your desktop folder since finder seems to easily access files no matter your location on the Mac.
  • Mac really does well with power nap so you never have to shutdown your computer for even a year when switching locations.